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Cabo San Lucas With The Family


It had been some time since I set foot in Los Cabos. In fact the water that had passed under the bridge had since brought a wife, two kids a mortgage and so much maturity that I was sure there would never again be a reason to return to Cabo San Lucas.

The Cabo of my wild, college party days was one of early days on fishing boats, long days lounging on the beach and even longer nights at the tiny hot spots around town. The crowd was always raucous and the mood was spring break in a elevated form from what was available in the states.

What I experienced when returning with my children was so different yet so very satisfying. The truth is that the party atmosphere that surrounds Cabo San Lucas will always be there, it’s like gambling in Las Vegas, it there, you just don’t have to partake in the action.

Medano Beach on the Sea Cortez is an expanse of crumbled granite sands that stretch across the bay that is framed by Cabo’s iconic land mass, El Arco, the Arch. The water is warm, the waves are manageable to non-existent and the crystal clear visibility will have you seeking a snorkel.

What will the kids do in Cabo San Lucas:

La Playa – The beach will occupy the kids in Cabo San Lucas for endless hours as will the pools at the hotel. However, you might be looking for other diversions and there are plenty of them in Cabo San Lucas.
Glass bottom boats will take you out to the arch and Lovers beach for anywhere from 8 – 12 dollars. Kids are usually free. You get a close up view of the rocks at the southern most point of Baja California and if you so desire you can also elect to snorkel along the rocks.

Waverunners – you can satisfy your inner daredevil and introduce your kids to speed with wave runners. They are a lot of fun but you have to be aware of the amount of people on these crotch rockets of the water. Cost: any where from 35 to 60 per half hour.

Snorkel cruise – If your kids enjoy snorkeling they will have good time in Cabo San Lucas on a snorkel cruise as they sail to one of two spots to see schools of colorful fish, a few sting rays and possibly a turtle or two. The boat ride is enjoyable and could be the highlight of the trip.

Food for the Kids in Cabo:
Most of the resorts in Cabo will have a restaurant or two, you’ll have to do a little research on Tripadvisor or Expedia and get an idea of those hotels in Cabo San Lucas that are a good fit your family.

Walking in town with the kids you should find plenty of options for food. You can opt for the tourist laden Marina District where plenty of food choices line the water or you can venture onto the side streets of this Mexican town and sample some incredible taquerias, taco stands. My children learned so much about Mexican culture on these walking excursions through the inner streets of Cabo San Lucas.

Things to avoid with the Kids in Cabo San Lucas:
The town comes alive in the late evening and the spring break crowd gets going. The streets are filled with revelers and the alcohol is freely flowing. After 10 pm keep the kids in the resort area unless you want to explain some of those issues you have been hoping to put off for a few more years.

Beach bars that double as restaurants: The party starts during dinner so you want to watch where you and the kids dine in Cabo, it’s not a big deal and you can clearly see which restaurants have the potential for becoming mini clubs. There is nothing wrong with these places and the crowd is fine. Just realize that people will be taking shots, the music will get progressively louder and the level of intoxication will reach slightly unmanageable levels.

Booze cruise/sunset cruise – The cruises are clearly those that cater to the all you can drink crowd. As a college aged kid I took advantage of the low price and the ever flowing alcohol, but as a parent I don’t want my children in the middle of drinking contests and wet t-shirt challenges.

Can your kids enjoy themselves? Yes.

Will it cost you a lot of money? No, the exchange rate is favorable and the food options are very inexpensive.

My pick for kid friendly resorts:
Pueblo Bonito Blanco
Melia sol


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