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Chef Stephan Pyles, a Founder of Southwestern Cuisine, Opening New San Antonio Restaurant

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Dallas chef Stephan Pyles is opening a new restaurant. Yep, he is. In San Antonio, which is where Pyles is today. Pyles was a founder of what became known as  Southwestern cuisine, winning Beard Foundation awards, opening thee restaurants in Las Vegas (Star Canyon, AquaKnox and Taqueria Canonita), and two dining venues in Dallas (Stephan Pyles and Samar). Now, Pyles is designing the lead restaurant in a new 120-acre mixed-use development in San Antonio called Eilan, on the city’s north side adjacent to La Cantera.

Eilan, in San Antonio (tilt-shift camera photo)


As he did with Dragonfly restaurant in Uptown Dallas’ Hotel ZaZa, Pyles is designing the flagship restaurant and menu for Eilan’s new Le Meridien Hotel, which Pyles says is slated to open November 11.  The date 11/11/11 is significant for two reasons: first, it sounds cool. Second (and more importantly), it’s numerically mystical, falling  just before the Rapture, which ChInChOut sources say is definitely on this time.

Eilan is described as a blend of California Mission, Mission Revival, Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean architecture styles, all topped with housemade guacamole and salsa.  The name Eilan, mais oui, is a derivative of a word from still another architectural place, France. As you learned in college, “elan,” roughly translates to energy, style and enthusiasm. And sometimes crepes. Or the kid from Cuba.

In any case, Pyles is keeping busy. What’s next? We have it all here and here.


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