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Craving a Woo Woo at the Hula Grill in Maui

I won’t lie to you. There are times when the alcohol takes a bit of my sanity and I make poor decisions. It happens. I walk into a bar and I think I’ll limit myself to one or two but soon I’m talking and before you know it I’m engaged in a full on 5 drink conversation. Yes, I know my wife would not be so cool with me talking about nipple rings and navel piercing but the truth is that it really is all very innocent. It is what I do. I research in the name of mixed drinks, cuvees and blended scotch. It is what I do.

Somehow, I find myself in Ka’anapali, Maui simply enjoying a perfect Maui evening when I decide to hit the bar for a quick tasting of Maui Brewing Company’s IPA that so happens to be on tap at the Hula Grill. Who would have known that the drink of my dreams would be served by Mike, the bartender. Would you have guessed it? Don’t act so superior, you would have never have guessed it.

“What do you do well?” It is what I ask every bartender.

“The Woo Woo”

A truly attractive Hawaiian server smiles at me , “It’s sooooo good”

“A what?” It’s not that I have been drinking. I have this inner ear thing that…Well, you understand.

“A Woo Woo” Mike explains it again and maybe it’s the trade winds that blow it pass me or maybe some Hawaiian server distracted me or the sunset caught my thoughts. I can’t explain it but the recipe will flow past you. Listen, you’ll need a drink and the drink you’ll need in Maui to give you the feel of the Islands is the Woo Woo. (I might have it wrong since I am sure he attempted to explain it a few times and I still did not get it correct)

The Hula Grill at Whaler’s Village in Ka’anapali
The Bar at The Hula Grill
Mike the Bartender
The Drink: The Woo

Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee Mike will be there all the time. If he is not, Lisa seems to have her own set of fine drinks and most of these are on the menu. Consider the Ka’anaplai Kooler or the Cucumber Margarita and then strike up a conversation at the bar with someone, anyone or even yourself. You could also go with the Mango Margarita or the Lilikoi Mojito and you’ll be set for the tropical drink Aloha Time.

You probably want to know what is in the Woo Woo at the Hula Grill? As far as I can tell you start out by muddling some pineapple, you toss in some Peach Schnapps, some flavored vodka, triple sec and cranberry and you’ll come close to perfection. Will it tastes as good as I think it should? No. That is the little extra that Mike puts into this effort and the trade winds that bring you good fortune in Maui.


  1. Aloha Tony says:

    My goodness! That’s quite a drink, my good sir… I can’t imagine that it would’ve helped our inner ear thing at all 😉

  2. Jessica says:

    The woo woo is the best. After a couple, you will be talking to yourself at the bar. I can’t wait to enjoy one soon.

  3. Capt. Jeff says:

    So nice to hear the good things about my brother, Mike! A friend of mine will be visiting the islands this February & look forward to having a delightful tradewind breeze… The Woo Woo!!! I too agree the Woo Woo is the best way to end a day of being on the water in Ka’anaplai, whatching the whales! Some day I hope to have a drink with you at my brother’s bar! Right now I’m with the whales in the big AK, but will return with them in October… Until then, my friends, Aloha!!! 🙂

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