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En route to Gorilla Greatness

Unless you work out every day, in high altitudes, gorilla trekking in the Rwandan jungle is not easy.


Just ask the girl we were with who thought she could plow past the out-of-shape rest of us, huffing and puffing and calling for “water” breaks (really time to catch our breath), only to have her stop mere feet ahead (once we finally caught up) and have to put her head between her legs to combat the altitude sickness that had smacked her in the face.

The five of us who did the trek, plus the uber in shape guards armed with rifles “just in case,” trekked for two hours, up steep muddy inclines. We clung to vines on the sides of mountains. We slid down hills on our butts because walking down was not an option. By the time we got to the gorillas hanging out on the side of a volcanic jungle, we were caked in mud, dripping in sweat and barely able to stand without gasping for breath.

But, oh was it worth it.

For an hour, we stood, silent, captivated by a family of gorillas – three mommies, four kids and one giant daddy Silverback.

A small price to pay for being in the presence of such magnificence.

-Diana Edelman

Hit 30. Quit the job. Put life in storage. Bought a backpack. Traveled Europe, Africa solo & wrote/writing all about it. Follow along on her award-winning blog, “The Adventures of D.”


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