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Innocent Eyes Project Needs Your Help to Help Save Kids

Guest author David Noyes is an intrepid traveler and dedicated philanthropist. He needs our help. Here’s why:

As a travel writer and photographer, I have been fortunate to visit some of the most exotic places on earth. During my travels, I’ve met scores of fascinating people and witnessed both the beauty and tragedy of the human condition.

Innocent Eyes Project was founded based on a very simple notion: It is impossible to travel into remote areas of the developing world and not be touched by the innocent eyes of a young child. Over the years, I have asked many village elders how I could help. Their answer is always the same: Help educate the children.

In many remote areas of the developing world, the kids who would benefit the most from an education don’t have access to schools, or teachers, or books. The mission of the Innocent Eyes Project is to financially support grassroots child education programs in developing countries and help children who live below the radar of governments and international aid organizations.

Ours is not a sad story. It is a story about the hopes and dreams of children and families. It is also about the gift we share as travelers to experience the world and the desire to give back to the people and places that have touched our lives.

Please help us with a small donation. Even $5 goes a long way.


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