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Get Lost in a Sunset at The Ka’anapali Beach Hotel in Maui

Watching a sunset from anywhere in Maui is spectacular. Watching a sunset from West Maui for me is perfection. It is what drives me to return and why you should go to Maui. You’ll have fun on the sandy beaches. Swimming with turtles will change your view on the World Ocean. Fresh fish will alter your culinary preferences for years to come and the trade winds will forever make you long for swaying palms and a light sprinkle from a passing cloud.

A Maui sunset, however, will infiltrate your psyche. It will reset your thoughts. It will give you reason to pause. I never get tired of watching the sun drop behind Molokai from afar. The water turns all the shades of blue and gray and the sky dazzles your eye. The warm air embraces you and the day turns to night with a majestic show that seems like it has been put on just for you.

You’ll find it hard to leave.

If you sit in the grass the smell of Maui is intoxicating. If you open your eyes the sight of Lanai will fill your view. If you listen you can hear the sound of happiness. Maui does that to you and a stay at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel brings you closer to it all.

From those that greet you at the front desk to the friendly faces in the Tiki grill to Dale the bartender at the Tiki bar there is always a smile and extra-large helping of Aloha. You really do feel like part of the family when you stay at Kaanapali Beach Hotel. Early evening brings the daily Hula show and if you listen carefully you’ll hear somebody singing a Hawaiian song or dancing or sharing something from Hawaiian culture almost anytime of the day.

Learning to play the ukulele I wanted to sing a hundred Hawaiian songs and as my kids learned the art of slicing a pineapple I wanted to climb a tree and grab a coconut. There is the intangible that you get when you are offered a taste of the real Hawaiian culture.

Family Activities at Kaanapali Beach Hotel
There is something to do everyday in Maui. How could there not be when the hotel sits on Kaanapali Beach? The hotel offers Ukulele lesson with the funniest instructor on Maui. You’ll learn to make a Lei with the friendliest woman you have ever met who will hug when you leave the resort and recognize you when you return the following year. The entire family can participate in these activities as well as pineapple cutting, hula dancing and Lauhala weaving. The best part is that these family activities at the Kaanapali Beach hotel are free. When you leave the hotel to return home you will be given a kukui nut lei and when you return they will replace one dark nut with one white nut. I have a few white nuts on my kukui nut lei.

You can even take the kids to see a magic show. Kupanaha features Maui magician Jody Baran taking you on a journey through time as he presents illusions from seven of the world’s great musicians who visited Hawaii in the last century.

Why Would You Stay At The Kaanapali Beach Hotel?
As you seek out a hotel for your Maui vacation you’ll come cross grand resorts with pirate ships in the pools and bright umbrellas on the beach. My experience seems that while those resorts give you so much in terms of the superficial extras they lack any real soul. Don’t expect the 3 acre pool with an endless sea of lounge chairs at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel. Instead you’ll get lush green grounds with plumerias drifting in the wind. The pool is adequate and lacks the crowds you would expect in Hawaii. The rooms are average but the customer service is on a different level. No one is faking it at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel. They are just being themselves and that is the simple reason why you would visit.

Oh and the sunsets from the hotel will make you question why you would ever get on an airplane and leave.

Kaanapali Beach Hotel

2525 Kaanapali Parkway
Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 96761 USA
Toll Free U.S. & Canada: 800-262-8450
Worldwide Direct: 808-661-0011