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Labor Day Weekend in LA at The Taste

As Mariachi El Bronx played the drinks were poured and the evening felt like it was ordered for this event. The streets of Paramount Studios were alive with the energy of a Southern California evening and the feel of Hollywood.
It’s LA with its mix of black, brown, white, and all the other crazy manipulations that make the city great. If there is an event that could attempt to capture Los Angeles, day one of the The Taste put forth a good effort.

Los Angeles is a difficult city to pigeonhole. If you are from the East side you really don’t get the Westside. If you are from the South Bay you can barely understand what the San Gabriel Valley is all about. Hollywood is Hollywood and the beach is only a part of your life if you want it to be. We, residents of this city, have a few things in common, Palm Trees, yes they are everywhere, traffic and a wide-ranging love of food.

The Taste, the culinary event organized by The Los Angeles Times and Food and Wine Magazine pushed away from the dock last night in Beverly Hills and Paramount Studios with two events that set the tone for a great labor Day Weekend.

A few highlights from day one of The Taste

The Misfit Burger

An amazing burger from The Misfit bar in Santa Monica. I love the idea of toast since my mom would so often plop her hockey puck of a burger on toasted wonder bread when I was a kid.

The Hornitos “El Fuego” is a spicy jalapeno crazed margarita that is my idea of a session cocktail.

Burgers and Beer at The Taste

Paella From Bar Pinxto

Is this my new favorite band? Mariachi el Bronx closed out the evening at The Taste with a great set. I might need to become a groupie.