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Finding a Pizza in Los Angeles

I don’t need a reason to have a beer and pizza, the truth is I can have it most any day of the week and most anytime of the day. If you have a tendency to eat a little too much and drink one too many beers you could easily spend an afternoon and evening with me touring the places I would go in Los Angeles for pizza and beer.

Urbano Pizza Bar
I won’t hide the fact that I stopped into Urbano Pizza Bar 3 times in one week just because I thought it would help my hockey team win. Superstitions aside the kitchen is doing a pretty good job of creating a thin crust pizza here. There is something I enjoy about sitting at a counter with a view of the kitchen and a drink in my hand. 2 ovens pumping out a ton of great tasting items for a very good price and me with no particular place to go. This is the best pizza in Downtown Los Angeles and their happy hour will have you racing out of your office.

What I’m having at the Urbano Pizza Bar:

  • Spicy Sausage Pizza –House Made Pork Sausage, mozzarella, Calabrian chiles, cage free eggs, fennel pollen – Brilliant. While the char is right on the edge it works for me because the added spice from the Calabrian chiles helps my Stone IPA make it all work together.
  • Braised Greens – House smoked bacon and lodi beans – Just enough of a salty flavor from the bacon to fool you into believing you need it. If your Doctor suggests you eat more leafy greens order some of these to go.
  • Margherita – Fresh Mozzarella, San Marzano tomato, basil – Crispy, thin and the San Marzanos flirt with my taste buds like Sophia Loren did to all men of her generation.
  • Warm Olives and Smoked Almonds – Finger food s for the beer drinker. You don’t need this to make your meal great but the second or third beer will taste better because of the olives and almonds.

Lunch special $6 and the happy hour menu means pizza is half price and beers are $4

Lunch brings in plenty of the office workers from the neighboring office buildings seeking out a good pie and some decent beers. If you are in the neighborhood you might want to stick around and hit the Library Bar next door as well.

Urbano Pizza Bar

Corner of 6th and Hope
7th street station from the red line is nearby

Need More suggestions for Pizza in Los Angeles?
The Luggage Room

Del Mar Station – Gold Line Pasadena
Kale salad, The Gladiator Pizza and a Green Flash IPA will keep you happy and you just might decide to sit around and have a second beer. Thin crust from an adequate oven. The atmosphere is why you’ll show up to this small but comfortable spot across the street from central park and right at the train station. Bring the kids or bring a date either way the spot works fine. You’ll say that Pasadena is not Los Angeles but you’ll only say that if you are in West LA and you don’t want to drive across town for a pie. You want good pizza in Los Angeles? Get in the car and head east.


Playhouse District, Colorado Blvd, Pasadena
This is the best pizza in the Los Angeles area. However, I should make it clear that it is in the VPN style so if you don’t like the center of your pizza to flop then you’ll think I’m crazy. High heat pizza with all the flavor you need. (Yes, I have had plenty of pizzas in the city and feel comfortable making that claim) Plenty of people love to go where the big claims are made, after you devour a couple of the best pizzas in Los Angeles you’ll understand what I’m saying.


West Los Angeles
Plenty of people will tell you just how much they love the pizza at Sotto. I’ll tell you that the flavors are impressive I found the preparation highly inconsistent. They struggle with the char. Char is good, burned is bad. If you factor in the cost of parking and the extra couple of dollars per pizza you might be on the edge of not enjoying the experience. Sotto is good, it’s just not life altering good. Of course, if you follow the hype you’ll be excited to tell people that you just tried the best pizza in Los Angeles. It’s good but not great.


If you walk into the Pizzeria Mozza on a busy night there is a good chance you’ll never eat. Apparently everyone else wants to have the pizza as well. They do it right and you can get a pie with the perfect crust and the sublime char. Considering all the hype you’ll expect more and you just won’t get it. Oh, it is fantastic but you will be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Right when you want to punch me for kicking a couple of LA’s best pizzas to the curb you have to realize that comparing pizza has its limitations. After all, it’s pizza. You want to add some special ingredients, go ahead but it is still about the dough, the sauce and just how you want to heat that baby up.

Pizza in Los Angeles is not pizza in New York so you might want to refrain from sending that email. Also, if you put every ingredient on the menu on top of that pie you might as well order a Coors light and eat it right of the box. If you truly taste your pizza you’ll love the flavors at Settebello and you’ll admire the crunch at Urbano Pizza Bar.