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The Family Getaway to Rancho Las Palmas

“Wha wha wicky chic, wha wha wicky chic” a simple chant created by my six year old as we played his version of “Ring Around the Rosies”. The object of the game is to see how long you can walk around and under the buckets of water that periodically douse you. I was drenched and encased in my brain was the simple chant that only an enormous amount of pure fun can create.

I went to sleep chanting, “wha wha wicky chic” and woke up and had coffee and a bagel chanting it.

It’s a simple formula at Rancho Las Palmas, water, splashing, sun and an extremely family friendly environment. The right combination of those variables and you get a few days worth of laughter and quality time. You also can’t overlook the feeling of relaxation as you float along the lazy river and you hear the infectious laughter coming from the simple pure enjoyment of children and water.

The allure of Palm Springs for those wanting to get away from the madness that is Southern California is rooted in the Palm trees and eternal sunshine. When it’s getting cool in Los Angeles and San Diego, the weather is right at perfect in the desert. In the summer it is the getaway that is just far enough to feel like a mini-vacation but not so far that you feel like you need to go into full vacation mode.

Rancho Las Palmas offers that respite from life in a place that works for the entire family. Spacious rooms, activities for the kids and a few diversions for the adults. Splashtopia for the kids, 27 holes of golf, a spa treatment or two and some fine dining. Your weekend getaway is set! I should warn you that annoying, catchy tunes might stay with you for some time to come and your children might love you a little more for introducing them to that much fun.

Splashtopia is a kid’s paradise wrapped perfectly in a resort that also serves the needs of the adult parents. Options for meals and spa appointments and golf are readily available. Happy hour is decent and if you so desire you could possibly sneak in a romantic meal at the bluEmber. Food and entertainment options are also available across the street at The River.

Rancho Las Palmas
41-000 Bob Hope Drive
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270-4497
866-423-1195 – 760.568.2727


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