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Restaurant Critic’s Diet: Asparagus. In Belgium.

What’s on the menu this week…in Belgium? The same thing that most of us are seeing in the market right now: fresh white asparagus and first-of-the-season strawberries. While in Brussels last week researching a story for 360 West Magazine last week, every market stand, every restaurant, every menu touted the two.


White asparagus, as served at Michelin-starred Lemonnaire, in Belgium

The Belgians like to poach their asparagus till it’s very soft, them anoint the spears with either hollandaise or, more commonly these days, softly poached eggs that are then coarsely chopped up into a creamy, clunky, unctuous dressing that elevates the dish. Some add bits of parsley. Everyone adds salt and pepper.’s


Any you know what? The simple preparation works equally well with green asparagus, too.


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