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Spontaneous Travel. Where Would You Go Right Now?

The Bamboo Forest in Maui

Everyday I wake up and I think that I have it made. Everyday I think this. That is until I sit in front of my computer and realize that there is so much more out there that I think I should be experiencing.

Does this happen to you? Do you hold a list dear to your heart of the things you want to do? Of the things you want to experience?

So many people wait until it is far too late to go after it.

Every day those ideas change for me but today as I sit in front of a computer in an otherwise stale hotel room, hungry, I find these five places on my wish list of places I want to visit right now. Today those places are familiar, as if I want to return to a place I have been to before while other times I just want something new.

The Bamboo Forest in Maui is one of those places that I love to see both in pictures and up close. The road to Hana is a long and winding journey but if you make it and then hike a mile and a half you are treated to one of the most peaceful places on the earth. If you stand quietly you can hear the waterfall in the distance and the wind banging the bamboo against itself. So many people trek all the way to Hana and Oheo Gulch (Seven Sacred Pools) and never experience it. It’s too bad for them but good for you because the setting is like a dream and more people might ruin it.

Five Places I Would Rather Be Right Now

There is something about the Venice Beach Boardwalk in California that draws me to it. It might be that the people watching is as good as it gets. It could be that anytime you can sit and watch the sun dip into the Pacific you should attempt to return as often as possible. It could also be that drinking a 17oz flute of Erdinger Weizenbier while enjoying the sunshine is my idea of relaxation. The food is average but the view is spectacular and the beer is in abundance.
On The Waterfront
Venice Beach, California

Ultimately, I’ll crave Key Lime pie from Blonde Giraffe in Key West but since they have closed their doors, I am left with my other craving in the Keys. El Siboney. I want a Cuba Libre with my meal and possibly a cigar with café con leche after I am done. ( I don’t smoke) The proximity to Cuba from Key West is so close I’m sure I can see the lights late at night and the music seems to make me want to dance with a Cuban woman who moves faster than I could ever dream of. The Lechon Asado or the Masas de Puerco are divine and the atmosphere makes me want to buy a one way ticket and learn more Spanish.

El Siboney
Key West, Florida

If you have ever seen the water in Cook’s Bay in Moorea you know that food is not the reason to crave French Polynesia. However, the baguettes in the markets and the abundance of good cheap wine make it the type of place that leaves a mark on your soul. The only way to fill the void is to return and feel the hospitality of the people on the island. At Alfredos, you’ll eat, you’ll drink, you’ll even listen to music and possibly make some new friends. What will also happen to you is that you’ll fall in love with a feeling that is as much romance as it is adventure.
Moorea, French Polynesia

I love Maui. I love the people, I love the climate and I love the idea of returning to Kahakuloa Village to have some shave ice with Lorraine and her husband Guy. It’s like you are family when you drive up and she greets you. If you sit there long enough you will notice that the amount of people that return to visit is staggering. You soon strike up conversations with people who have visited Lorraine’s Shave ice for years. The shave ice is feathery and I believe the water coming off the West Maui Mountains makes it sweeter and lighter than anything, anywhere. Prepare yourself because after one visit you’ll always come back for the banana bread and the toasted coconut. On my last visit she treated me to Opihi and that was enough for me to want to relocate to Maui.

Shave Ice at Lorraine’s
Kahakuloa Village , Maui

Pour me a rum punch and get me some cracked conch and I’ll sink my feet in the sand and order seconds followed by a Turks Head lager. The view at this shack is of a beautiful Turks and Caicos beach and the conch is so fresh you might even see it being pulled out of the water. Grab some hot sauce and fill your mouth with the flavors of deep fried decadence. They have a conch salad for those of you trying to watch your caloric intake but what’s the point? Live it up.
Da Conch Shack
Providenciales, Turks and Caicos


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