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The Art of Beer: What You Should Drink

Beer tasting

Sampling Beers in Las Vegas

Spend anytime in a quality bar and you’ll find a person behind a counter or in an office that has begun to take pride in their list. That person has begun to research grains, brewing techniques and regions of great beer production. It’s an epidemic and it is racing though high end bars and soon will infiltrate your neighborhood bar. (What am I saying it is already at your neighborhood bar. It’s now in your local grocery store) This is good new for you if you love a good beer.

The art of the Beer Cicerone is starting to flourish and soon all your friends who were boasting about becoming sommeliers will now be talking about the Cicerone exam. It is a sickness that is rooted in one simple behavior. Drinking beer.

So, I‘m drinking in order to prepare myself for the rapture that is the new found beer snobs that will try to overtake my stool at the bar. You ask what I’m drinking. These are five beers that I have been enjoying lately.

Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet – I won’t lie to you I’m in love with a beer. It is everything I want from a beer in one 750ml bottle. I could tell you that it is a combo mixture of wheat, oats and barley or I could tell you that the hints of citrus and crispness to the finish invoke summer memories on the deck of a sailboat. Either way you should be impressed with this fine beer.

Rochefort Trappistes10 – Deep, dark beer that is velvety, aromatic and so very balanced that you’ll be surprised at how much can come from one bottle. This might be the best beer on the planet for all the beer snobs out there.

Goose Island Matilda – This beer reminds me of grown up Ginger Ale, it has a level of spiciness that is enough to keep my taste buds alert and a summery finish that reminds me of what a beer should taste like.

Saison Dupont – This beer is like a good looking woman with the perfect tan, standing on a white sand beach with a light colored summer dress. By the way the woman is smiling at YOU. It is that refreshing, that light and that all encompassing that you’ll consider a few more and possibly even smiling back.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA – This the mother of all IPAs until the 120 minute is in abundance. If you like a big beer this is your new best friend. The hoppiness muddles the alcohol but helps along with hints of the sweet and the ultra bitter.

Where are you drinking? Let us know.

-Zeke Quezada