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The Juice Diet. Will It Work?

UPDATE: Thursday 8:57 PM


Meal Nine: Dinner

I had a setback. 2 fried dumplings from the dumpling station truck. A few pieces of Teriyaki Chicken and a little bit of rice from Teriyaki Bowl Truck. This meals on wheels movement nearly derailed me. One pear, some peanuts, two carrots and some water and I felt as if I dodged a bullet. The temptations of fried foods are great especially when people around you are cramming their faces into these dishes. It will take discipline if you are attempting to cleanse your body.

UPDATE: Thursday 12:57 PM


Meal Eight: LUNCH

I have received a couple of emails as well as twitter questions so I thought it might be wise to explain the cost of the juice. Since I am using fresh vegetables and fruits the cost is averaging to about $3 per meal. I am using kale, spinach, lemons, apples, carrots and my cost is linked to the cost at my local market. If produce costs less where you are at then you might very well be eating?drinking for far less.

I made another batch and I went heavy on the kale, I’m really getting into the taste of it. While at my local Trader Joe’s I had to sample some meatballs that they had on display. (I can’t be rude to the nice girl handing out samples, right?) I also added in a pear and an orange to change the flavor of the juice and I’m appreciating the difference although it is subtle. I am nowhere near as hungry today as I was yesterday and I’m feeling like I should go out and do some exercise. Well, hockey season starts today so maybe I’ll just drink some juice and watch hockey instead.

UPDATE: Thursday 9:07 AM


Meal Seven

I moved the update to the top of the page because I’m feeling good! 3 days, 6 pounds have melted away. I almost feel like I should have taken a before picture because I feel a little leaner already. Now, you might want to say something like, “that’s just water weight.” Considering that I am drinking a lot of water (a couple of gallons, easily) and I am making plenty of trips to the restroom it is possible. However, I am feeling good and thinking very clear. I have some extra energy and the green stuff is actually tasting okay.

I think that the juice is working.


Embarking on another fad diet is one of my pastimes. I’ve done the cabbage soup, the carb free, the protein heavy as well as the no white stuff and the only brown stuff diets. I’ve tried plenty and for the most part I have stayed in a weight category that keeps me in the group of people who look okay with their clothes on. Get me on the beach and soon I am concerned with my lack of abdominal muscles. If I am at a Las Vegas pool the competition is just too great and I just resign myself to drinking too much and not worrying about the fact that those last 15 pounds are still hanging around for another pool season.

I have decided to “Juice.”

CheckingIn/CheckingOut Editor, Mike Hiller discussed the documentary, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” with me over a meal recently and he convinced me to try it. So, while he is off in Provence, riding a bike to some huge meals for this site, I am in my office with a large container of vegetable juice attempting a regulation of my roller-coaster waistline.

Before you get grossed out, I will not be posting before and after photos.

I went to the website: and was able to find a few recipes that would possibly make it easier to create a nutritional juice that would help me cleanse my body.

I’ll be “juicing” for five days simply as a way to detoxification. My issue is simply that when I am traveling I’m often required to eat a lot. Five restaurants in one day is not uncommon. Lots of alcohol and desserts are the norm. I just need to get back to my equilibrium.

So, I just need a break from eating and a way to kick-start my workout and healthy eating regimen. I do work out and I have always proven to myself that physical activity always aids in my effort to get me back to where I need to be. I’m not fooling myself into believing that juice alone will get me back to where I need to be. (Well, maybe I’m doing a little fooling)

Is Juice The Answer?

The Recipe:

Green Lemonade

1 Green Apple

3 Handfuls Spinach

6-8 Kale Leaves

½ Cucumber

4 Celery Stalks

½ Lemon

You drop all the ingredients into a juicer and you are left with a green juice that does not look at all like something you should drink. It looks a little like the liquid that puddles at the bottom of a trash can after a rain. (really)

The Taste Test

First meal of the morning (After my coffee, I’m not a savage) The funny thing is that when I put the cup up to my lips I dreaded the taste. I had convinced myself that I would have to sacrifice. I had already made a pact that I would stick it out until the bitter end of the five days.

I was surprised by the flavor. The lemon makes the drink slightly acidic and it turns it into a bad lemonade but a good diet drink. You will not be serving this at your next picnic but you could easily do this for a couple of days. ( I think) Down the hatch and I feel okay. I’m still hungry but I have more juice and I will continue with some water and see what happens throughout the day.

Meal one. Done.
Tuesday 8:56 am

UPDATE: Tuesday 1:49

Meal Two: Lunch.

Juice the second time in a day is still tasty but not as tasty as a burger would be. I also had a carrot and I’m not sure if that would be considered cheating. The movement in my belly is leading me to believe I might be busy soon.

UPDATE: Tuesday 7:49

Meal Three: Dinner

I am a big enough person to admit to it. I cheated. Yes, already. On my third meal I strayed from the juice a tiny bit and had a tiny piece of white fish. Wow, it was so good. Yes, I am weak. I also had a few carrots, some grapes and I even considered having some Kale but then I figured I was not all that hungry. I had plenty of water as well. Not as many restroom breaks as I would have thought.

Day one is in the books and I feel the weight melting away. (No not really)

UPDATE: Wednesday 9:19 AM


Meal Four

Breakfast of green juice did not seem appealing to me. All I could think of was this great French Toast that I failed to finish last week at Bouchon at the Venetian Las Vegas. The first two drinks were a tiny bit too tart and I was right on the edge of what I wanted to accomplish. Luckily, Mike Hiller, my counterpart here at CheckingIn/CheckingOut motivated me (mocked) from some bistro in France where I am sure he is a few glasses into sampling Rose’ and too much decadent cheese.

The juice actually began tasting better and I am not as hungry as I think I should be. I also decided to step onto a scale today to see that my number went down by two. I’m not sure how I could possibly lose two pounds that quickly but considering that I am drinking more water than usually maybe the weight is flowing out of me.

UPDATE: Wednesday 1:05 PM

Meal Five

It’s not that I’m getting weak. I just figured that adding a little ice to my next batch might change things up a bit. I’m having a green smoothie. Well, really I’m having crushed ice in my vegetable juice. I might have overloaded on the Kale and I have grown fond of the smell that the kale gives off as it grinds through the juicer. I’m craving raisins and I feel energized. Is the juice working?

UPDATE: Wednesday 6:25 PM

Meal Six – Dinner
Even with the scent of a roasted chicken that I prepared for my family I was strong. I took a few bites for a bit of protein but my hunger had subsided and I had a tiny bit of juice , a few Persian cucumbers and a pear. If you can believe this I feel good. Day two was relatively easy. This might be working.

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  1. Mike Hiller says:

    Wow-you are stronger than I, Zeke. But after 150 miles of biking, three days of eating and drinking in Paris have ruined any dietary progress I hoped I’d make while cycling. Guess I’m headed for juicing next week as penance.

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