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These Dawgs are made for walkin’

Golfers are quick to blame the equipment in their hands for their ineptitude on the course. Why not? It’s an individual game and there has to be a logical explanation for poorly executed shots. But do golfers ever credit – or blame – what they’re wearing on their paws? During a recent round that had me notch my lowest ever score, I pointed to my Dawgs as the primary factor – at least for that day. (For the record, the company sent me the pair to try, but now I’m a believer.)

Dawgs are all-weather, casual golf shoes that are not only comfortable and ultra-light (less than 7 ounces per shoe), but they are also great for off-the-course walking. For someone who travels a lot to play golf, these are perfect to throw in the bag and not have to worry about loss of performance. Plus, being the fashion maven that I am (not), Dawgs are available in many color combos.

Wearing Dawgs at your country club may generate a few barks but for a casual round with your buddies at the local muni, or on vacation during a warm day, they could be your ticket to a low number on the scorecard.


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