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Tourist or a Traveler in Hawaii?

What is so wrong with being a tourist? I gripe to people all the time about getting out there and experiencing the world of a traveler but I need to confess, I am really enjoying this tourist stuff.

Five ways to be a tourist in Maui:
(Just don’t wear one of those loud Hawaiian shirts. Flip flops, t-shirts and shorts are fine)

  • Have lunch at the Hula Grill in Kaanaapali – Your feet in the sand, a Mai Tai in your hand and some steel guitar from a “Big Brudtha” who can pump out a great version of Guava Jelly. Have an extra drink and relax.
  • Breakfast at the Gazebo at Napili Shores – You can have your Banana Macadamian Pancakes, I’ll be having the fried rice and Portuguese sausage. Get a half order because the portions are huge. Spend a little time at the tide pools after your meal and work off the carbohydrates leaning over to look at the sea life. Get there early and expect a line.
  • Snorkel Honolua Bay – The entry is tricky because the rocks are very slippery and there is no beach to speak of but the snorkeling is impressive. Winter brings bigger swells but the summer months make for some clear warm water with plenty of opportunity to catch a glimpse of a Humuhumunukunukuapua’a
  • Drive the road to Hana – Don’t be a tourist here, get out of the car and walk to the top of the trail at Oheo’s Gulch (seven sacred pools). You’ll walk through a very impressive bamboo forest and you’ll feel the burn in your legs.
  • Eat, drink and sing at a Luau in Maui – How much more tourist can it get? You will have a good time and you just might learn a few new dance steps. If you are in Hawaii why not hula in public?

You are set and ready to be the stereotypical tourist. Don’t forget the SPF or else you’ll be prancing around like a lobster. -Zeke Quezada


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