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Water, Water, Everywhere!

SCUBA Divng with Green Sea Turtles in Maui

I have this thing with water. I have to be near it. I don’t mean fresh rocks in my bourbon. I mean the stuff that sparkles when the sun hits it. The fresh, cool, inviting liquid that welcomes me when I splash through a wave or lose my balance on a stand up paddle board is what I crave. I love water. I love to dive in 80 feet of it or sail across the top of it. I even enjoy skiing over the top of it in its solid state. I just might be a water man.

So, I figured I would poke you and try to get you inspired to learn to sail or to consider a SCUBA certification or even just stand up on a floating board and paddle away.

Learn to Sail
Learning to sail is one of those things that I always hear people talking about. They usually tell me that they have always wanted to do it and that they just have never had the time. I can understand that if you are reading this in some landlocked outpost but if you are anywhere near a body of water you need to get on a boat and pull on the main sheet and feel the wind. The American Sailing Association has a list of people who can show you the difference between a Jibe and a Jib.

Where you’d go: Caribbean, New England, Florida Keys, California, Hawaii

Learn to Dive
There is a moment when you creep over the edge of a reef and look into the abyss of an ocean shelf when you realize that you are just a speck in the current of the world ocean. Look into the eyes of a tarpon in Grand Cayman or drift pass the soft coral in Fiji or navigate your way through the kelp forest of California and you feel like an explorer. The water holds so many adventures and the opportunity to experience them is easy when you learn to SCUBA dive. You can take a resort course when you are on vacation or you can opt to carry a C-card in your wallet by getting SCUBA certified. PADI will help you find the perfect underwater experience.

Where you’d go: Grand Cayman; The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia; Moorea, French Polynesia; Channel Islands, California; Ambergris Caye, Belize

Learn to Paddle
If you feel the need to get in a workout while enjoying yourself then you must be a Stand Up Paddle person. Texting SUP to your friends and an incredible looking core after a few weeks and you are sold on gliding across the water. Float over a reef, drift with a current or race across a lake, this is one of those activities that is not only addicting but will really work your body. I’ll suggest doing it in warm water because you might fall in but be careful because it can be addicting. REI has classes across the country and they will have you up and riding a swell like Laird Hamilton in no time.

Where you’d go: Hawaii; Malibu, California; Baja, Mexico; Lake Erie


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